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Additional Services Upon Request

Change bed and bath linens for each room (you must leave them out)
Change towels (you must leave them out)
Clean inside the refrigerator
Clean Oven
Wipe down windowsills, baseboards, doors and door frames

Our Specials 

Our regulars customers will get their refrigerator and oven clean every 6 visits. Once every 12 visits they will get their windowsills, baseboards , doors and door frames done.

Special Service Packages

Sometimes our customers just want something different from our Basic Service Package.  That is why we can do a Special Cleaning Package just for you. We’ve done this many times so here are some examples of the packages we customize and offer:

Only kitchen appliances : If you want just your kitchen appliances cleaned, we have the right package for you! We will clean your microwave, stove, oven, and inside refrigerator. But we won’t stop there! We will also clean your counter tops, scrub kitchen, sinks, faucets and finish with taking care of your kitchen floors. This way your kitchen shines!   
Only Bathrooms: Sometimes you can manage to clean almost everything but no time for the bathrooms. Well, we can just clean the bathrooms. This package includes 3 bathrooms. Do you have more? No problem for an extra price we can add them too!

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