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Our Products are: green cleaning, c
hild, pet,
 and environmentally friendly

We love our customers and treat your home as if it were ours!
For this purpose we use name brand products that have been tested and we know that work.

Our products are environmentally friendly because we care about the air you and your children breath, as well as, our planet and your pets.

Of course, everything is about finding the right balance, so we used bleach in the bathroom. It is a very safe disinfectant used in hospitals that kill harmful bacteria. We pay extra attention not to use two products in the same room at the same time. Also we will ventilate your place while working and make sure everything is back in placed and locked once we finish. This way your house will be clean and fresh!

 City of Bellevue Green Cleaning Work Shop 2012

Victor and me, we are both proud of attending the City of Bellevue Green cleaning Work shop were we learned how to used green products and avoid toxic ones! 

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