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Basic Service Package

  • Dust entire home, including furniture, picture frames and blinds
  • Vacuum entire home, including carpeting and furniture
  • Remove cob webs
  • Clean glass surfaces
  • Sweep and mop floors, the right product will be used specific for your kind of floor
  • In the restrooms: 
                                    *Scrub,disinfect and rinse,
                                     bathtub,showers,sinks and faucets
                                    *Toilets: clean inside/out
                                     including the base and all surrounding
                                     areas to make your restrooms look
                                     clean and fresh. 
                                    *clean counter tops (all items removed 
                                        and replace)

                                    *Wipe down the outside of the
                                    bathroom cupboards
  • In the Kitchen:
                                    *Clean counter tops ( all items 
                                    removed and replace)
                                    *Clean outside the appliances  
                                    *Wipe down inside the microwave 
                                    *Wipe down the outside of the kitchen

                                    *Scrub, disinfect and rinse the 
                                      kitchen  sink and 

  • In the rooms:
                                    *Dust furniture (all items removed and

                                    * Dust blinds
                                    * Make Beds 
*Clean mirrors and 
                                    glass surfaces
                                    *Wipe television screens , DVD and 

                                    * Vacuum room(under bed  if 

  • Collect and dispose of trash and recycling in every room of your place

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